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Knox County Schools Procedures for Clinical Placements

All Internship/Student Teaching/Field Observation/Practicum teacher candidates must complete the Knox County Schools (KCS) Procedures for Clinical Placements.

Please follow directions and complete ALL steps required by Knox County Schools:

  1. Online Registration Form must be completed by all clinical placements: Once placements and cooperating teachers have been confirmed and verified through your UTK placement coordinator follow this link to Knox County Schools Human Resources to choose the registration form from the side menu for your clinical placement. Do not contact principals, schools or teachers directly about securing a placement of any kind.  It is the student’s responsibility to register any changes or additional placements. Register each Knox County placement and be prepared with the registration placement info required that is listed below.

a.) General student information

b.) What type of placement are you requesting/registering? Field experience (Observations, Pre-Clinical Hours, Practicum Experiences etc.), Internship (Full Year or Student Teaching (Semester)

c.) Grade Level Requested: Elementary, Middle or High

d.) School Requested: Name of placement school

e.) Anticipated Area of Endorsement: Acronym for the program area registered at UTK.

f.) Grade Level or Subject Area Requested: Grade number K-12 or put the specific subject area.

g.) Cooperating Teacher First & Last Name

h.) Anticipated or Confirmed Start Date: Put the date given to start placement from your program coordinator.

i.) Anticipated or Confirmed End Date: Put the date given to end placement from your program coordinator.

2. Drug screening for interns and student teachers only: Please follow KCS instructions regarding drug screening, Knox County Schools Student Teaching & Internship Information Page. Please note if a drug screen is necessary for your placement, a diluted drug screen, (such as drinking too many fluids), will result in a mandatory retake. The retake must happen within 48 hours, following your initial drug screen. You must respond to KCS or Net Gain promptly when contacted if you need to retake your drug test. Failure to do so will result in your ineligibility to be placed in a Knox County School.

*** Any questions about drug screening please contact Barbara Bell, (865) 594 -1929, at Knox County Schools Human Resources.***

3. Knox County Background Check: Field Placement, Observation and Practicum placements must complete Clinical Placement Form (1) and Security Check Form Clinical Placements (1). Please print as single pages, (Not 2-sided copies), and complete with blue or black ink pen before submitting in person or electronically to Knox County Human Resources. This procedure is at no cost for the student. No pencil submissions will be accepted. Clinical Placement form and Security Check form can be submitted in person to the Andrew Johnson Building district office or submitted electronically through UT Vault to Ashley Huffaker, at Knox County Schools Human Resources. Documents are to be in PDF format and readable for electronic submissions through UT Vault

***Questions for teacher candidate’s admitted into teacher education programs can email, Other programs please email your program coordinator.***